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A15 WatchFace for SmartWatch2

1.05 usd

Custom watch face for Smart Watch2 (SW2)Message from A15 designer- I've arranged luxuriously four analog board.It's including 24 hours clock ,month board,date board,,day of the week board.- It is the design which had stylish face and useful digital display!
Features- Awesome designer's watch face for you.- Simple but useful design face! Designed by professional designer.- Automatic turning off the backlight (to save battery power)- Automatic start WatchFace- Allow you to Inverse drawing WatchFace mode in low-power-mode
To another WatchFace app installed usersTurning off kind of the Automatic Start mode of another WatchFace app is Strongly recommended.
To Xperia usersStrongly recommends "Turning off" the STAMINA mode.STAMINA mode includes problems for SmartWatch2 extensions.
Please note- If you don't like this model please cancel your order in 15 minutes. And try another watch face.- This is not a complete replacement of the standard clocks,so, battery consumption is significantly higher than the standard clock.
*Smartphone and SmartWatch 2 must be paired before you use it.
[NOTICE]If you have a question,plsease contact our email address in English.
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2